Company Profile

DOMREY ANGKOR CO.,LTD is a travel agency approved by Cambodia's ministry of Tourism accompanying economic development of Cambodia. The Company established on March 30, 2016 of Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia. The purpose of DOMREY ANGKOR CO.,LTD is to provide professional, standardized and branding intimate services for the community, So that make you feel different humanities, geography on a trip at the same time, and feel the characteristics features of Angkor Elephant. Angkor Elephant has a number of professional talents, perfect hardware facilities, with luxury air-conditioned coach and CMB, special commercial vehicles for business trip, high-end sedans and helicopters, and we also establishes the good cooperation with the major hotels and airlines at the same time, which is to ensure that your travel are from carefree, have a good time!

  1. Organize individuals, groups and VIP advanced ready-made tourism at home and abroad
  2. Organize business study, learning and training and economic and cultural exchange activities
  3. Order domestic and international air tickets, hotels for you, apply for each country’s passport visa and travel, commercial vehicles rental services
  4. Undertake and organize holiday self-driving travel and dating
  5. Undertake thematic mass wedding

Angkor Elephant sincerely hope for servicing for you, meant into your life journey!